Concrete Line Pumping Equipment


Line pumps are one of the most versatile types of concrete pump available. Because concrete placement can be preformed with a minimum of labor and cleanup, line pumps are useful for projects of all sizes and types.


Jensen's Concrete Line Pumping supplies well-maintained equipment and experienced operators to each job site, but we create cost savings for our customers much earlier in the scheduling process. Selecting the best equipment for the job is the first step to assuring project success. The simple chart below outlines general equipment capabilities. We invite all customers to discuss specific project requirements and obtain recommendations before scheduling.

4 inch

Line Pump

800 ft horiz


400 ft vert


65 yards3/hr

3 inch

Line Pump

1500 ft horiz


800 ft vert


45 yards3/hr

2½ inch

Line Pump

1500 ft horiz


800 ft vert


40 yards3/hr

2  inch

Line Pump

1200 ft horz


1000 ft vert


35 yards3/hr

2 or 2½ inch

Shotcrete Pump

400 ft horiz


200 ft vert


30 yards3/hr

Recent Line Pumping Projects

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