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Choosing Your Line Pump Equipment Type
How far do we need to reach? Take the time to discuss your job requirements up front. Placement is most easily accomplished with a 2-1/2 inch line.  However, larger pipe size may create the faster placement desired for bigger jobs. Set-up procedures, the number of operator staff required and project costs will vary based on your selection of pipe size. Ask your dispatcher for advice on what pipe size will accomplish the job most cost-effectively.

Scheduling The Pour
An accurate concrete time is critical to a safe, quality pour. Making sure that the line pump and operator are in place at the right time will assure that disasters, such as concrete flashing, hot concrete or complete loss of the load will not occur. For best results, be sure to schedule the line pump with adequate time for step-up prior to the actual pour time.

Confirm The Job Site Address
Missed pours cost big bucks. When new subdivisions are not on the map, or zip codes are not included in the initial order, we can't find the job! This can be an expensive oversight. To assure that your operator and equipment arrives on time be sure to provide a reference to cross streets, major landmarks or nearby subdivisions. Always give an accurate zip code with your initial schedule.

Choosing The Right Concrete Products
Do you have the correct type mix ordered for the line pump? Providing an accurate phone number of the ready-mix plant can eliminate many costly mistakes. Your line pump operator cannot accept responsibility for placing or canceling concrete orders. However, an experienced pump operator can be your eyes and ears on the job site. If there is confusion or problems in the field, they can more effectively help you solve challenges that arise when both a customer and plant contact phone numbers are available.

Measuring The Job Site Accurately
Order exactly the amount of material needed for each job. Use our handy Concrete Calculators to measure your project. Before ordering, be sure to double-check all calculations with your ready-mix vendor.

On The Job Site Tips
Concrete work is a time-sensitive process. Prior to equipment arrival, make sure the pour site is free of debris and accessible. Once a location for the line pump equipment has been selected, other vehicles or obstacles should be cleared from the area.

During the pour, advise any on-site labor to listen and respond to your operator's safety precautions. Following the ACPA safety rules is a professional requirement that helps prevent on-the-job accidents.

Finally, prepare ahead for the clean-up process. Will mud be tracked onto the streets? If so, the customer should be aware of possible local penalties against mud on streets. If an adequate place is not available to clean out, remind your operator to bring clean-out bags to the job site. Pick-up service is also available and can be coordinated in advance, when the pour is scheduled.


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